Horse Training

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Prep for Training

How to prepare your horse for

entering training successfully:

Has your horse been to the vet recently? A clean bill of health and lameness review will ensure your horse is prepared for their new workout regimen. Keeping up on your farrier visits? We can not understate how important it is to keep up on your horses feet before and throughout training. Are you current with your horses immunization and  deworming schedule? Keeping your horse current is important to insuring the health of your horse and the horses it comes in contact with in new surroundings.
Golden Nugget Ranch, LLC
Performance & Pleasure Horses

Full Training 

Five training sessions per week. 

Minimum two months of training is

required with all new horses

entering our training program.

First month includes ground work,

sacking out, driving and

assessment of horse.

Second month will go over the fundamentals of riding in the saddle. Additional months after will progress horses knowledge of correct balance and cues. They will be introduced to new things based on their progression mentally and physically.                            $600.00/month                      price includes board

Partial Training

Three training sessions per week.

This option is great for horses that

all ready have a solid foundation

but are just needing to progress in

their knowledge in a specific

discipline or maintaining their

fitness. Each horse will be

assessed on skill level before

entering into partial training.

$500.00/month price includes board

Per Ride

Pay per training session. $50.00/ride 

Ground Work

Five ground work sessions per week. Offering purely ground work sessions for our clients that board with us. Take advantage of us keeping your horse in shape and ready for you to come out and ride. $375.00/month price includes board